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Our commitment to the planet is firm.

We are honored to share with you the highest award we received in Latin America as part of the American Honda Environmental Leadership Program.


More than 11 million kilometers carbon offset

 With the development  of green energy, HONDA has reduced 40% of their dangerous gases.  Every time you buy a new Honda vehicle, the first 10,000 km of travel are carbon offset with renewable energy credits  in Costa Rica.


Ecological kilometers, Honda's commitment to the environment.

For each new Honda vehicle sold, the first 10,000 kilometers are carbon offset with renewable energy credits from Los Santos Wind Project.

First time in Costa Rica, a Carbon Offset Program for the cars travel of all assitants to OMINA Summit.

The process is possible with the purchase of carbon credits in Los Santos  Wind Project equivalents to the same number of CO2 tons released to the atmophere for this cars and the measurement works with metrics of ISO 14064.

BCR will use green cars...

Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) going to use 24 Carbon Offset cars Nissan Danissa model, with a input of $638 000. That is possible thaks to an alliance between the bank and Datsun Agency. We are trying to clean the carbon footprint generated during the first 10,000 kms of the cars travel, and it has been measured and certified properly under local and international standards. 


Datsun Agency offer to reduce the environmental footprint with a Carbon Offset Program to car fleets.

From today, Datsun Agency will offer to their customers the posibility of clean the footprint of the travel in kms of the Nissan cars they buy. The idea is part of corporate social responsibility program in Datsun Agency, which  involves education and environmental conservation. 

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We are a company engaged with the enviroment and our customers.

We are a company engaged with the enviroment and our customers. In FACO clean the Carbon Footprint released by our cars.