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About US

Anaconda Carbon is a consultancy company focused on providing green energy and carbon market services. We are dedicated to the promotion and development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and emission reduction activities. We have a strong emphasis in Latin America, where many of our consultants and clients are based.

Our clients benefit from our extensive international network in green energy and carbon markets, as well as from our presence both in Latin America and Europe. We cooperate with a network of local partners in these regions, which strengthens our local presence and allows us to have first hand “on the ground” knowledge. Our global presence facilitates technological transfer, project finance as well as other key aspects of project development.

Most importantly, we believe that environmental responsibility and profitability CAN and SHOULD go hand in hand.


Carbon Offsetting


  • CO2 footprint calculation
  • CO2 footprint neutralization with high quality credits
  • Carbon neutrality certification with a variety of internationally recognized standards
  • CSR and Carbon footprint mitigation strategy development and implementation

Energy and Climate Change


  • Development of all stages in green house gas reduction certificates for use in the voluntary or the regulated markets including the UNFCCC, Voluntary Carbon Standard as well as the Gold Standard
  • Assistance with marketing and sales of carbon offset certificates for use in the voluntary or regulated markets
  • Assistance to energy projects when seeking sources of finance with development banks, multilateral institutions.and venture capital funds
  • Identification of high quality renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for  development banks, multilateral institutions and venture capital funds
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Carbon offsetting with Anaconda Carbon

Anaconda Carbon helps you realize your emission reduction goals, a central part of your corporate or personal sustainability ambitions . From measuring to mitigating to communicating it to your clients, Anaconda Carbon can help you reduce your carbon footprint in an immediate, measurable and cost-effective manner.

How it Works:

For a low price, Anaconda Carbon neutralizes your carbon footprint by analysing your corporate or personal activities, calculating their emissions, and then compensating these by supporting certified CO2 reduction projects that promote renewable energy, reforestation or energy efficiency.

The offsets we offer deliver guaranteed, 100% traceable emission reductions with many environmental and social benefits to the host country of the project activity. Through our carbon consultancy services, our team has ample experience in the processes for validating, verifying, registering and retiring carbon credits.

Why Go Carbon Neutral?

  • Valid and sustainable solution for promoting sustainability with your company, employees, and community

  • Low cost with a strong upside for CSR and marketing

  • We cater to any size client, from individuals to large companies.

  • Our clients choose the kind of offset that they would like, depending on their budget or project-specific criteria

About the offsets:

  • Best quality available. All the offsets we offer are certified with standards, such as the United Nations Clean DEVELOPMENT mechanism, The Voluntary Carbon Standard, or the Gold Standard Foundation

  • 100% traceable certificates through online registries


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Carbon Consultancy

Our extensive technical and commercial expertise, as well as a thorough understanding of carbon markets and renewable energy project development permits us to offer a broad range of carbon asset management and project finance services.

  • Drafting of PDDs and Monitoring Reports

  • Planning and executing local stakeholder Renewable consultations

  • Assistance during validation and registration process

  • Assistance during verification and issuance process

  • Marketing and Sale of carbon credits

  • Experience with hydropower, solar, wind, biogas, biomass, waste management, fuel switch and energy efficiency technologies

One of our projects:

The  aim of the  Guacamaya Small Scale Hydro Power Programme of Activities is to develop a series of small hydroelectric projects in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica that supply electricity to the respective national grid. The Guacamaya Programme is registered with the UNFCCC as well as the Gold Standard Foundation.

Anaconda Carbon is the Coordinating Managing Entity (CME) of the program, and works in close collaboration with Carbonbay GmbH & Co. KG who is the owner of the programme.

For more information about the UNFCCC registration,  please click here

For more information about the Gold Standard registration, please click here.                   

If your are a stakeholder near one of the project activities, and have a question or comment, please click below:

Project Finance

We help renewable energy companies attract socially responsible investment and finance through our strong network of contacts with companies specialized in energy project development as well as finance and venture capital.

  • Supporting project owners in developing countries to attract finance and/or investors

  • Supporting green energy project owners to find technology providers or other engineering needs

  • Marketing, introduction and negotiation with multilateral organizations and development banks.

  • Structuring of financing solutions for renewable energy projects