Coopesantos Wind Project

The Los Santos, Costa Rica Rural Electrification Project is capable of generating 12.75 MW/h and supplying 50 thousand people. Anaconda Carbon has registered the project with the United Nations and the Gold Standard Foundation to make possible the emission of carbon credits cemented in the reduction of approximately 15,000 tCO2e annually from the generation of renewable electric energy.

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Guacamaya Hydro Power Program

Consisting of more than 13 small-scale hydroelectric projects (> 15 MW) in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras, this program captures around 40,000 tCO2e per year and promotes the development of vulnerable communities. Anaconda Carbon is the Coordinating Managing Entity (CME) of the program, and works in close collaboration with Carbonbay GmbH & Co. KG who is the owner of the programme.

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Car Dealer

DATSUN AGENCY (Costa Rica) develops a carbon offset program that clean the carbon footprint of the first 10,000 kms of the new cars travel that belong to important government companies like the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), Instituto de Acueductos y Alcatarillados (AyA) and Banco de Costa Rica (BCR).

HONDA FACO (Costa Rica) create a program that makes possible the carbon offset of the first 10,000 kms of each new car sold. Today they have more than 8 270 000 kms offset.


Travel Agency

AVIA MARKETING (Colombia) like a green company aware about the environment and the susteinability in the countries where they works, have a carbon offset programs that includes all the touristic services that they offer at the customers with projects of forests conservation, including airline tickets, lodging, rent a car and local or international event.

ASUAIRE TRAVEL (Costa Rica) developed a carbon offset program to the bus transportation of the operated tours for their cruise lines in the 2016-2017 season, using carbon credits of high quality from Los Santos Wind Project.

Organizations and events

OMINA SUMMIT implements the carbon offset of all emissions generated during the event OMINA Summit, including the speaker's fly transportation, with credits of Los Santos Wind Project. Aditionally, working with Banco Promérica we develops the program that clean the carbon footprint of 100 kms in the cars travel used for the assitants to go at the event.

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FAPA CONSULTANTS (Costa Rica) create a carbon offset program for their operations throught Anaconda Carbon, using high quality carbon credits. Besides, FAPA offer the service to others companies to develops their own Carbon Offset Program.

Rent a Car


EUROPCAR (Costa Rica) works in the Carbon Offset Program of their operations, including the electric power consumption, water, lubricants, solid waste, paper, refrigerants and the burning of fossil fuels as in the case ofthe operation cars.


ALIMENTOS TUMBIS (Costa Rica) offers a range of export food products whose production contributes to the generation of clean energy, since its operations, operational vehicles and flights abroad have been carbon offset with carbon credits from the Los Santos Wind Project.